Nursing Care

nursing care in grand rapids

Facilities that provide nursing care are best suited to those with mental or physical impairment and extensive or complex medical needs. Commonly called nursing homes, this housing option provides around-the-clock skilled nursing care in rooms typically shared.

Many nursing homes also provide short-term rehabilitative stays for those recovering from an injury, illness or surgery.

Nursing Homes are also the most expensive option. According to federal statistics, Medicaid pays for seven out of every 10 nursing home patients. Unless a senior is wealthy or has good long-term care insurance, the number of Medicaid beds in a nursing home may be an important selection criteria.

Quick Facts about Nursing Care facilities:

• Most skilled nursing homes have all of their beds dual certified (Medicaid and Medicare)
• Long Term Skilled Care (generally Medicaid or private pay) and Rehabilitation (generally Medicare) is provided
• Medical care including feeding tubes, ventilators, deep wounds and other medically high acuity care can be provided.

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