Thank you! We love Crossroads and we are your strongest advocate! I have forwarded your name to numerous families in attempt to help as Elizabeth helped guide us. Will get back to you with any questions. Happy New Year.

– Betty

I was very frustrated when it came time to have my mom go to assisted living. I had looked into many places and could not make heads or tails of it all. I was very happy when I contacted Crossroads and they answered all my questions. We did end up placing mom in the first place we looked at. It was still good to have someone who knew so much about it all to help us make the choice.

– Chris Dushane

Our mother was living independently in a condominium when she fell and broke her femur that was the caveat to find assisted living arrangements for her upon discharge from rehab. She had been diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer’s last fall. We had taken the keys, but discovered she had found a set and would periodically take the car. The neighbor’s knew how to contact my brother and I, but apparently did not feel comfortable because she did not want us to know. We hired a friend to be with her and assist to clean, we began dispensing her medications and calling daily to make certain she would take them, purchasing the groceries. She was adamant about not wanting to move. While getting some personal affect from her home, the neighbors approached me to tell of some disconcerting behaviors. She would be found wandering the parking lot after dark with a flashlight. Although the neighbor’s were aware, there was huge potential for harm.

I contacted the Crossroads and my questions were answered with empathy and spearheaded into the direction where we needed to begin. I don’t recall the name of the person, it is on a long lost notepad, but she called the different facilities that her income would qualify and scheduled for the persons to contact me and schedule interviews. I was extremely relieved as I work full-time the most time-consuming part was done for me. Our mother was discharged from Clark rehab and moved directly into her new home, it was seamless. Without that phone call and assistance to me with information, it would have been a very stressful experience. Our family is very grateful to all who assisted in this transition.

– Karen Felty

My experience with Sandra and Elizabeth was truly amazing and I would highly recommend their services. They provided professional resources as well as emotional support which allowed me to make a very difficult decision for the correct placement of my father. They spent a great amount of their valuable time contacting facilities for me and assisting me with many important details which was so imperative for me as I live out of state. They touched my life with a commitment of care and consideration that was far above my expectations at a time of my life when I needed their expertise… Thank you Sandra and Elizabeth!

– Jill Bonner

Last Spring, when it was determined our Mom would need to move to an assisted living facility, my family had no idea where to start. We received a referral to Elizabeth and I made the call. After a short interview, she had contacts for us for assisted living facilities that would meet Mom’s needs (they contacted us within hours with tour times and dates), contacts at the Veteran’s Affairs office when she determined Mom would be eligible for benefits, and a lawyer experienced with the elder care law to assist with Mom’s financial issues. Without her guidance, I don’t know what we would have done. Mom is now comfortable in a lovely facility, with benefits to assist with her care. Our family is so grateful for Elizabeth and her staff. They truly are ‘life savers”.

– Lori Dykhouse

I contacted Elizabeth at the beginning of the month. After a phone consultation due to the short timeframe we felt we were working with, she had three facilities calling me for tours within the hour. One of them stood out as offering the flexibility needed for my parents situation, and the location that my Mom desired. I was so grateful for her help evaluating the facilities to find a best match for our family. Thank you, Crossroads!

– Kristie Rozelle

Elizabeth and her staff were so helpful in placing my father in a new assisted living facility. I was in Michigan with a short deadline to get my dad placed. I called Elizabeth, at what I thought was after hours, expecting to leave a message. She answered, and did an interview right then on the phone, listening to my needs and requirements. Within a few hours I received a list of 3 possible assisted living facilities that had openings and that she thought fit the bill for my dads needs. The next morning I heard from the three facilities and set up appointments to visit all three that day. I had chosen one by 5:00 that day and moved him a few days later . My dad is happy there and I can return to FL knowing he is being taken care of. With the time restraints I had, I’m not sure I could have done this on my own. Thanks Elizabeth and staff for your help… was truly heaven sent!

– Steve Britton

You were the key to making this happen for our mother in this crisis! We cannot thank you enough for your thoroughness, quickness, expert opinion and a million other compliments for your services that are vital in these situations. We still have a ton of loose ends the 3 sisters are managing. However, we have a huge sigh of relief that we have her in the best care and she is safe and secure. We would highly recommend you to anyone to help them with elder care. We think you have been one of Flora King’s guardian angels!

– Tina, Lyn and Andrea

You would not believe the relief I have felt since I spoke with you. My sisters and I were so overwhelmed with all the calling and investigating we were doing on our own. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack but with time pressure. Peace to you!

– Linda

I want to say thank you to Elizabeth Harrell for the incredible assistance that was given to my family. My mother’s name is Ramona and over a year ago Elizabeth helped us find Railside Assisted Living. Mom loves it and she receives such good care. I live in North Carolina, my brother lives in Texas and my sister lives in Wyoming, Michigan. There is no way we could have found this perfect fit for mom without your intervention. Talk about reducing stress/burden of care-giving. A simple “thank you” seems so inadequate, but we are very grateful and say “THANK YOU”.

– Cindy