Respite Care/Temporary Stays

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Respite Care & Temporary Stays

Respite or temporary stays are for people that need a short term stay in an assisted living or memory care community.  Generally, a respite stay can be for several days up to several months.  Unlike when a person moves permanently into an assisted living, as a respite or temporary resident you do not pay a move in or community fee, and you pay a daily rate rather than a monthly rate.  Some reasons to consider a respite stay are:

  • Your loved one is in the hospital or a rehab and is going to be discharged home, and you are not ready or don’t feel that it is safe.
  • Your loved one is in the hospital or a rehab and cannot be discharged home, but you need time to gather information before making a move that is permanent.
  • A caregiver has a planned surgery or trip away and will not be available to provide care.
  • A caregiver has an emergency and can suddenly no longer provide care and needs immediate help.
  • Your loved one would like to try a place out and see if they like it before they commit.
  • A caregiver is overwhelmed and stressed and needs a break.

Respite stays can be arranged a few days to weeks in advance and range between $125 to $250 per day. At Crossroads, we can quickly determine which communities would be able to provide the level of care a person needs and then determine which ones have a respite room available.  This greatly reduces time and stress in an already stressful situation.