Frequently Asked Questions

The situation of every family we assist is unique, but many of the questions we are asked are very similar! Although it seems complicated, there are solutions to these frequently asked questions and we can answer them based on your family’s specific story. Call us anytime at 616-485-3365. We are always available to help.

  • My mom is in the hospital. What should I do next?
  • I’ve been told my dad needs 24 hour care, can he move to an assisted living?
  • What types of care or housing will my insurance cover?
  • My mom doesn’t have a lot of money, how can she afford to move?
  • My grandma is being told by her rehabilitation center that she cannot return home. Where do we start to help her find a new place?
  • My mom has been diagnosed with dementia, will she need to move to a nursing home?
  • My dad is a veteran, are there any benefits he can qualify for to help pay for his care?
  • Are there any assisted livings that accept Medicaid?
  • What is the difference between an assisted living and a nursing home?
  • My parents have worked hard all of their lives and don’t want to lose all of their money to a nursing home, what can we do to protect it?
  • My mom is not safe at home but she will not move or let us help her. What are our options?
  • I’m worried about dad running out of money and being kicked out of the place we choose for him. How can I make sure that doesn’t happen?