What to Look for in Assisted Living Care

assisted living facilities and care Grand Rapids MIIf you or a loved one is needing more help with basic care, it may be time to consider assisted living care.

At Crossroads Eldercare Planning, our eldercare professionals educate families on how they can make the right decisions for their loved ones based on their care needs.

If you are currently looking for assisted living care options in the West Michigan area, please feel free to continue reading for what kinds of things you should be looking for during an eldercare facility tour.

Engaged and Passionate Staff

During your visit to the assisted living facility, be sure to talk to the staff. Do they seem friendly and approachable? This can be important as some family members may be hesitant to seek out eldercare assistance when they need it.

If the eldercare professionals you are speaking with seems to be in a hurry and not as willing to answer your questions, this could be a bad sign. What you are looking for are compassionate assisted living staff that also treat the residents with respect and dignity. This means listening attentively to community resident concerns and coming up with possible solutions.

Activities Aligned with You or Your Loved One’s Interests

assisted living services in Grand Rapids and West Michiganassisted living care facilities will offer a variety of senior community activities so that you or your loved one can still enjoy life to the fullest. The more engaged you or your loved one is in the new community, the easier it will be to transition and make new friends.

During your tour of the facility, it also is a great idea to drop in on an activity so that you can get a sense of the average turnout and the level of enthusiasm from the staff and residents. Morale is important in assisted living care centers because it helps create a positive community for everyone.

Well-Cared for Residents

While touring the facility, be sure to observe the residents that currently live there as well. After all, they are proof of the level of care the eldercare facility is providing. Are they clean-shaven, smell clean, and otherwise well-groomed? If not, you may want to consider another facility that takes better care of their residents’ hygiene needs.

Also, be sure to check out the level of morale among the residents. Do they look happy? Are they socializing with the other residents? Remember that an assisted living care facility is more than just a place to receive help when getting older, it is also a community. A sociable and friendly community will help you or your loved one transition better into their next phase of life.

Safety Precautions

While walking through the facility, be sure to take note of the presence or absence of any safety measures put in place for the elderly residents. For example, each bathroom should have strategically placed grip bars so that residents can easily get out of the tub or off of the toilet. You should also ask about if there are any staffing changes during the night and how residents can get in touch with staff during emergencies.

If you are interested in talking to one of our compassionate team members about the best assisted living option for either you or a loved one, feel free to contact our Grand Rapids assisted living consultants at (616) 485-3365. At Crossroads Eldercare Planning, you can depend on our eldercare planning knowledge of the best assisted living facilities in the area to help you make smart decisions for the future.