Karen Felty

“Our mother was living independently in a condominium when she fell and broke her femur that was the caveat to find assisted living arrangements for her upon discharge from rehab. She had been diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer’s last fall. We had taken the keys, but discovered she had found a set and would periodically take the car. The neighbor’s knew how to contact my brother and I, but apparently did not feel comfortable because she did not want us to know. We hired a friend to be with her and assist to clean, we began dispensing her medications and calling daily to make certain she would take them, purchasing the groceries. She was adamant about not wanting to move. While getting some personal affect from her home, the neighbors approached me to tell of some disconcerting behaviors. She would be found wandering the parking lot after dark with a flashlight. Although the neighbor’s were aware, there was huge potential for harm.

I contacted the Crossroads and my questions were answered with empathy and spearheaded into the direction where we needed to begin. I don’t recall the name of the person, it is on a long lost notepad, but she called the different facilities that her income would qualify and scheduled for the persons to contact me and schedule interviews. I was extremely relieved as I work full-time the most time-consuming part was done for me. Our mother was discharged from Clark rehab and moved directly into her new home, it was seamless. Without that phone call and assistance to me with information, it would have been a very stressful experience. Our family is very grateful to all who assisted in this transition.”