Health & You: Seniors & Swimming

In The Swim: Blog ~ By: Dr. Pool     Exercise is important for all ages. For older adults, it’s no different; exercise is essential. It can take many forms, and for… Read More

Heat Stress in the Elderly

          Elderly people (that is, people aged 65 years and older) are more prone to heat stress than younger people for several reasons: Elderly people do not adjust as… Read More

Winter Driving Safety Tips For Seniors

Today’s “seniors” are boomers and they don’t plan to slow down their lifestyles for a little thing like getting older — or inclement winter weather. More 65-plus drivers are on the roads as… Read More

How to Help a Senior Safely Survive Allergy Season

As pollen fills the air, people afflicted by seasonal allergies are beginning to groan. Like many millions of Americans, the elderly are not exempt from the stuffy noses and watery eyes that accompany… Read More

Protect Yourself from Antibiotic Overuse and Prevent Resistance

The advent of penicillin use in 1928 was a turning point in medical history and marked the first time physicians could cure deadly infectious diseases. Antibiotics greatly reduced illness and death from infectious… Read More

Bathroom Safety: Grab Bars

By: Dr. Rein Tideiksaar Bathrooms are very hazardous—they have slippery surfaces and few dependable things to grasp onto, which greatly increases the chances for harm. Would it surprise you to learn that nearly… Read More

Keep Your Elderly Loved Ones Safe This Spring

Finally, the end of winter is near and springtime is vastly approaching!  With the seasonal change also comes outdoor activities, spring cleaning and some home safety changes that will make life easier for… Read More

Food and Cooking Safety for Senior Adults

As people age, their body systems change. These natural aging changes, plus common conditions like arthritis and diabetes, or side effects of some medications, can leave senior adults at higher risk for foodborne… Read More

Falls and Older Adults

Falls don’t “just happen,” and people don’t fall because they get older. Often, more than one underlying cause or risk factor is involved in a fall. A risk factor is something that increases… Read More

Fire Prevention, Preparedness & Recovery/ Tips For Kids, Seniors & Pets

Fire prevention and preparation are crucial to decreasing the number of injuries and deaths from this disaster. In 2012, there were 2,855 deaths and 16,500 injuries across the United States related to fires.1… Read More