Assisted Living and Eldercare Resource Center

                      Crossroads would like to welcome you to our new Assisted Living Resource Center located here at our office. Our resource center will… Read More

New options and updates in eldercare for your loved one!

We have been amazed in 2018 by the rapid change in options for senior housing, home care and senior resources. Here are some updates to share with you: Residential Care Homes A new… Read More

Beware! Not All Assisted Livings Are The Same

In West Michigan, we are blessed with well over 100 different assisted living communities. Not only do each of these communities look different and offer different amenities, more importantly they are licensed differently… Read More

Types of Eldercare Living Options

If you are looking for the appropriate eldercare living facility for either you or a loved one, you have come to the right place. We encourage you to check out the below information… Read More

What to Look for in Assisted Living Care

If you or a loved one is needing more help with basic care, it may be time to consider assisted living care. At Crossroads Eldercare Planning, our eldercare professionals educate families on how… Read More

Do Most Assisted Living Communities Offer The Same Level Of Care?

When it comes to finding the right assisted living community for your loved one, you will hear a lot of advice. Although, people are well meaning, sometimes they can perpetuate some of the… Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

The situation of every family we assist is unique, but many of the questions we are asked are very similar! Although it seems complicated, there are solutions to these frequently asked questions and… Read More

Featured Community: Railside Assisted Living

About Community Railside Assisted Living is located in the town of Byron Center, MI. The vicinity of Railside is near Whistlestop Park and a few miles from Metro Health Hospital. The community provides a… Read More

Featured Community: American House of Kentwood

About American House of Kentwood Community & Location Highlights American House was founded in 1979 with the vision of providing high-quality housing for seniors at a price affordable for retirees and their families…. Read More

Featured Community: Whispering Woods

At Crossroads, we work directly with outstanding senior care communities throughout the greater Grand Rapids area as well as selected communities throughout Michigan. We can help you navigate the senior care maze with… Read More