Book of the Month ~ The Geography of Memory: The Pilgrimage Through Alzheimer’s

In The Geography of Memory: The Pilgrimage Through Alzheimer’s, Award – Winning Poet Jeanne Murray Walker tells an extraordinarily wise, witty and quietly wrenching tale of her mother’s long passage into dementia. This… Read More

Embracing a New Normal: Dealing with Grief

When life-changing events disrupt what was once normal, it’s important to work through the grief process to embrace a new reality— By Cheryl Hammons, CSA Change can be hard, especially as people age…. Read More

Funding Senior Housing

Learning about funding senior housing can be overwhelming for most people. How do you decide for yourself or a loved one which option is best: staying home and using home care and other… Read More

Family Caregiver University

Caregiving can be both rewarding and challenging. Many times individuals are thrown into this role with no training and, often, no support. Family Caregiver University provides practical education and support to caregivers in… Read More